Our Services

24/7 Road Call Service

Sheets & Wolfe will quickly respond to take care of your road service needs with a fully tooled and equipped service truck. Equipment includes air tools, welder and a six ton crane.

The mechanic that responds to your call will be a experienced road service technician and will make every effort to have you back in service as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Repair & Maintenance

The garage facility at Sheets & Wolfe is fully staffed, tooled and equipped, including diagnostic equipment, to take care of a wide range of your preventative maintenance, service and repair needs.

Our employees clearly recognize that when your truck is not on the road, you’re not taking care of business. We therefore make every effort to get you in and out of our garage as quickly as practical.

Petroleum Tanker Maintenance & Testing

Sheets & Wolfe was founded as a petroleum tanker service, maintenance and testing operation. While our operation has grown to include other heavy trucks and trailers, etc., petroleum tankers continue as our recognized specialty.

Our employees are specifically trained to deal with issues that are unique to petroleum transportation, including the required one year VK certification.

Our New Brake Service

Do you have brake foundation problems on Intraax suspensions?

Due to their light weight design, after a certain portion of their service life, many users find the cam tube spinning in the spider bracket and this cam tube is loose in the spider bracket. Our THIC-1500 series cam tubes are press fitted into the spider channel so they cannot spin.

THIC-1500 Series Cam Tube Enclosures for Hendrickson Intraax suspensions
Rough & Tough Tube
Extra heavy duty cam-tube system the “extra heavy duty” option with “optimum contact” aligned bored bearing journal

This sealed brake foundation component is built with optimized bearing journal alignment technology to enable low camshaft axial play and enabling the grease seals to prevent road contamination from entering the lubricant reserve and becoming an abrasive compound contributing to rapid wear of the assembly.

The rugged design of this important brake foundation component is made of high strength steel and engineered for maximum performance in heavy duty applications where other regular replacement parts can’t resist generated by rough & tough road conditions.

In “off road applications, the thic-1500 series cam tube is the only fighting chance your brake foundation has to survive more than one reline this design tears no wet conditions or dirt. With regular lubrication intervals, they offer reliable and improved brake performance for many relines reducing brake stroke and brake adjustment problems.

  • reducing automatic brake adjuster issues by reducing vibration
  • 25% added brake life
  • helps reduce brake noise
  • reducing maintenance cost even wear pattern on brake shoes
  • superior foundation integrity
  • extra heavy duty performance
  • available for 1st and 2nd oversize for damaged spider brackets easy trailer axle repairs
  • durability way beyond anything else on the aftermarket

5 year limited warranty

THI-1500 series cam-tube system
The THI-1500 series tube feature a lubricant purge system that allows proper lubricant flow to the spider cam bearing journals whenever lubricating the assembly. This ensures proper lubrication of both cam bearing journals.

Conventional tube enclosures
conventional cam-tube assemblies usually have new lubricant flowing only to the spline end journal due to a positive seal at the spider end of the tube to prevent grease contamination of the brake foundation this positive seal locks out new lubricant to be delivered to the spider bearing journal because the old lubricant cannot be purged out of the assembly.

Convenient installation kit
cam-tube enclosure assemblies come with all installation hardware in the box. Everything you need to install these components along with instructions service bulletins for pertinent information on lubrication and other topics.

All tubes are available with matching camshafts for;
• standard spider channel size
• 1st oversize spider + bushing channel re-dimensioning system
• 2nd oversize** spider bushing channel re-dimensioning system


Sheets & Wolfe is licensed to perform both Virginia State, and Federal DOT vehicle, truck and trailer inspections. If issues are encountered during these inspections that prevent us from passing your vehicle, upon your authorization, we will make every effort to correct the issue as quickly as possible.

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